First Up: Clinical

I have jumped headfirst into the internship with the seemingly busiest, most demanding rotation first: clinical.  In this internship, we have a partner that we do rotations with.  However, the clinical portion is individual, so it’s a bit intimidating!

I am so grateful that I had a lot of volunteer experience at George Washington University Hospital in DC.  I remember how terrifying it was to just walk into a patient’s room and speak to them at first!  I was fortunate enough  to be able to shadow some of the dietitians there as well, which has made the start of clinical just a tad easier.  At least it’s not all brand new!

So far, I have become oriented to the hospital and shadowed my preceptor doing the normal tasks of a clinical dietitian such as writing tube feedings, visiting with a couple patients, and working with the nurses and other hospital staff.  Next week, I will become more involved in the daily duties of a dietitian.  I also have homework to work on, both for clinical assignments and to begin building my electronic portfolio!

For now, I will enjoy the long weekend 🙂 Happy Labor Day!


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