Moving Along

At work

Entering/reviewing patient notes in the computer

I still can’t believe it’s October. Where has the time gone? I’ve been seeing tons of patients at the hospital. As my sister puts it, “saving the world” except, not. Just trying to optimize people’s dietary intake is all.  I’ve seen a lot of cancer patients who need supplemental shakes to boost their caloric/protein intake, and many cardiac patients who need to cut back on their caloric/fat intake.  Even when the doctors ignore my recommendations, I know that I’m still making an impact when I am able to spend time with the patients and really  work with them.  There’s also been a couple quite remarkable cases that I feel I would be violating patient confidentiality if I posted about, but let’s just say it’s been pretty interesting!

Monday was a class day where we learned about FSNE, or Maryland’s Food Supplement Nutrition Education program, commonly referred to as Food Stamp education.  We will be doing an in-depth research project for them evaluating their educational curriculums for people who are receiving food supplement aid.  We also were able to learn about tips on general nutrition education practices.  Food stamps reach a lot of different populations, so you never can predict how a class will go.  Several nutrition educators for FSNE were in attendance, so they were able to offer ideas on how to cope with various situations.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be going to the hospital really early to hear a recognized expert on diabetes talk about diabetes and heart disease.  It should be interesting to hear about, since so many of my patients have both of those conditions!  For now, I must work on my Critical Care homework set.  I’ll try to update again later this week!


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