Changing it Up

Wow, so it has been a while since I last updated about my dietetic internship. I have a good reason though! My preceptor put me on staff relief last week. This is earlier than normal and I am honored that they entrusted me with those duties! Not to mention it was the critical care unit! Needless to say it was quite busy between going on rounds, visiting patients, writing tube feedings, and working on my clinical homework and major case study. The ICU is no joke and I have to say it was a bit stressful at times (mainly the first day I was doing staff relief and I felt a tad overwhelmed) but I quickly adapted to the responsibilities and even spoke up during rounds, where the nurses and doctors go from room to room and discuss each patient. I don’t think they really knew who I was, just some random person in a lab coat following them around, until I piped up about a certain patient’s tube feeding being changed that day. They were all sort of shocked (and appreciative) and it made me feel really good to contribute!

This week, I am finally switching it up and changing hospitals for a couple weeks. Yes, I am still in the clinical rotation in my dietetic internship, but I am going to a different place to see a different perspective. I will let you know which hospital it is once they give me the OK to post it in social media. I am excited and a little nervous- I have grown so used to the hospital where I have spent the past 8 weeks. However, I will return to my original hospital in 2 weeks to do 2 weeks of full-on staff relief. Until then, this new hospital will give me another view of how a hospital can be run, because to an extent each hospital can be pretty different. I will definitely update by the end of the week to update on how it’s going there!


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