Closing Thoughts on Clinical

Clinical dietitians

Posing with 3 of the amazing RDs I worked with for the majority of clinical!

Let me start out by clearing something up- when I claim “I Survived!” I am not trying to imply that there was doubt of my survival or that it was hard to get through.  On the contrary, actually. It’s just that most past dietetic interns I’ve spoken to have said that clinical is intense and pretty overwhelming at times.  I’m not going to say it wasn’t a little tough at certain points along the way, but that’s how you know you’re getting something out of it.  If it was super easy and a breeze to get through, what good would that do?  Bottom line is to not be afraid of a clinical rotation because you don’t think it’s for you or because you don’t think you’ll be good at it or you’ve heard it’s hard…or whatever.  Because I thought all of those things and look at me now- I loved it and wish I could have stayed longer!


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