Daily Archives: December 3, 2010

Spread the Love Around

That’s what I’m doing in my current FSNE (government-funded Food Supplement Nutrition Education program) rotation- spreading my knowledge and love of nutrition to the community!  I have been very busy:

  • Tuesday I was able to go to my old high school and talk to Anne Arundel County teachers about implementing a new program for their child development interns to use that emphasizes nutrition.  Afterwards I went to Gaithersburg to teach 3rd graders about where food comes from, parts of the plant, and we made salad.
  • Wednesday I went to a school in Capitol Heights (PG County) and talked about whole grains to Hispanic immigrants.  My role was to teach them how to identify a WHOLE grain- food companies can market their foods pretty trickily!
  • Thursday I had projects to do from home (putting in community events on the eatsmart.umd.edu website and looking for nutrition-infused curriculums in other subjects like math, english, etc)
  • Today (Friday) I trekked up to Westminster in Carroll County to help out in a class for developmentally disabled adults.  We made egg nog and I led them on an activity to identify food groups from pictures of common foods.

This rotation has been really fun so far.  Every day is totally different with subject matter and audience (teachers to children to mostly Spanish-speaking to developmentally disabled, talk about comprehensive exposure!).  I have learned how to adjust my teaching style to adapt to their different needs.  The teaching part was my favorite aspect in clinical – so this rotation, all about educating, is really fun for me.