Hello readers- thought I’d share my website that is in development with you! It’s a little amateur premature (as in, not nearly finished) but I thought I’d keep you all in the loop so you can see the different changes I make. And of course, if you have any feedback, that would be much appreciated 🙂

I am using Dreamweaver to make the website completely from scratch, including the development of my very own template. Also, it is the first time I am attempting such a thing. That said, it’s not super-fancy, but I’m amazed that I was able to get this far. Who knew I would learn web-design as a dietitian?

So far I have pages that include graphics, PDF attachments, and information on my rotations thus far.

Here it is –>

**Props to my wonderful sister, Kim Sielbeck, for helping design the graphics. If you can’t tell, she also made my blog header!


2 responses to “Website-in-the-making

  1. Looks great Chrissy! Your blog is so well written and very interesting! Keep up the great work, we are lucky to have such a passionate dietician-to-be like yourself in the field. And your right- public health and prevention is a great area to work in:)

  2. Hi Lindsey! I’m so glad that you found my blog and enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the kind words, especially since you are the public health expert 🙂

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