Daily Archives: December 24, 2010

School Lunchin

Hello!  Last Friday I finished up my week-long rotation with Montgomery County Public Schools.  It was a lot of fun (although that beltway traffic is not!).  I had very little prior knowledge about the role of dietitians in public schools, but last week taught me a lot!  I think Montgomery County, MD is really innovative in their involvement of dietitians on their staff and having so many on board.  My partner and I were able to tour the warehouse, watch the lunch lines at a primary and secondary school, taste whole wheat chocolate chip cookies (YUM!), and got involved in designing flyers advertising for a new healthier pizza (whole wheat crust with a low-fat blend of cheeses that still managed to pass several taste tests) and a weeklong effort to try a different color of fruit/vegetable each day.

Handing out Banana-bran muffins

Having middle schoolers taste-test healthy muffins

One day we went to a middle school to hand out banana-bran muffins along with surveys to get feedback.  It was a lot of fun and the muffins were a big hit.

Also, since it was a short rotation, several of the staff sat us down and briefed us on what they do for the school system: day-care food reimbursement, free and reduced lunch administration, budgeting, and more.  I learned a lot in a few days, and it has opened my eyes to a new area of dietetics I didn’t know about before!