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Hey everyone- sorry if it seems like I’ve been neglecting Mission: Dietitian! However I have been in my information technology and communication rotations.  The commutes to DC and Alexandria are extremely long plus I work on a computer all day- by the time I get home I’m a tad crosseyed.  Not that I’m complaining- I love it! But theres only so much blogging you can do in one day.  Speaking of which, I have two more to offer you (I know, I hate referring you all to OTHER blogs in my past few entries…but it would be silly to be posting the same blog in two places, right?)

my partner and I

Ala & Chrissy: Nutrition Blogger Extraordinaires!

IFIC has another blog up that my partner and I wrote (see here and here for past published entries).  It’s about keeping those health-related new years resolutions a top priority!  It offers suggestions to help you reach your personal goals:

A New Year: A New You?

…And the University of Maryland Dietetic Internship Blog has a recent posting by yours truly!  (See here and here for my past entries to the internship blog.)  It talks about some of the stuff I learned about the public perception of foods and ingredients while at IFIC:

The Blame Game: Science, Hype, and Consumer Attitudes

I hope you enjoy the posts!  Any feedback is much appreciated.  I just started my rotation at CNPP– so I’ll keep you updated with what I can, when I can!


Happy Healthy Weight Week!

This week (January 16-22) is the 18th annual Healthy Weight Week.  Basically we want to spread awareness that fad diets for rapid weight loss are not only potentially dangerous, but don’t work in the long run!  Yes, they may help you lose weight initially, but as far as keeping it off…don’t hold your breath!  Long-term weight loss requires a full understanding of good nutrition and active, healthy living, plus the self-discipline to adhere to those guidelines.  With quickie weight loss gimmicks, you could lose weight at first but you don’t really learn how to ideally sustain it.

Bottom Line? Healthy Weight Week aims to draw attention to achieving your individual healthy weight as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.

IFIC LogoCheck out this blog I co-wrote for the IFIC Foundation to highlight some of their helpful resources to help educate the public about weight loss:

Healthy Weight Week: No Scams, Gimmicks, or Tricks- Just the Facts

I’m Published!

I am still at my IFIC rotation (International Food Information Council) in DC, but on Monday the University of Maryland College Park Dietetic Internship hosted a joint class day for DC-Maryland area internships.  The subject?  Nutrition communication.  Because really, what good is having information on a subject if you’re not able to reach anyone with it?

Take a look at a blog entry I wrote with my partner Ala for the IFIC Foundation’s Food Insight Blog:

Dietetic Interns at the Forefront of Nutrition Communications

Blogging with the Experts- IFIC

Downtown DC

In the heart of Washington, DC

Now that I’m back from break, I’ve launched into a new, three-week rotation.  It’s with the International Food Information Council (IFIC), located in downtown Washington, DC.  The 16 metro stops I must endure on the orange line during rush hour are a little much, but it’s definitely cool to be here!

My past experience working for the Food and Nutrition Information Center (FNIC) is coming in handy with several of the things they do here.  Also, I’m sure if you’ve read my blog before that I have a personal interest in social media (Twitter, Linked In) and writing (hello, Mission: Dietitian).  IFIC incorporates a lot of that with their own articles, publications, social media, and blog entries at their website, Food Insight.  IFIC communicates the latest information about nutrition and food safety not only to consumers in the general public, but also stakeholders, professionals, educators, and more.

So far my partner and I have written a short article and a blog entry about ways to keep your New Years resolutions (I’ll be posting the link when it goes up).  This was a particularly meeting-heavy week, so we’ve had the opportunity to sit in on several that discussed their plans for the upcoming year.  We were also fortunate to learn more about the issue of food colors and hyperactivity–IFIC has a great Q&A on this controversial topic.

This is a great example of a rotation that sets the University of Maryland College Park Dietetic Internship apart from other internship programs, and I’m glad I can take advantage of it!

Mi Futuro en Nutrición

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a good start to 2011.  Have you made any good resolutions?

My Fiance and IWith the New Year comes big news for me. On a personal note, I just became engaged! Ordinarily, this would be all fine and well, but this commitment will have a significant impact on my career. You see, my fiancé is in the Army and will be moving to El Paso, TX, in March. Therefore, I will be joining him once I graduate from my dietetic internship (University of Maryland, College Park) at the end of June. I assume that after a few years we will have to move to another place, as well. Luckily I grew up in a military home (Coast Guard, baby) so it won’t be totally new. Plus I will get the opportunity to experience different jobs in dietetics and see how the profession differs in various geographic regions in the United States.

El Paso

My Future Home in far West, not Juarez!

I love the DC-metro area and all it offers to young professionals. Maybe someday I will be able to return to Maryland! However, I looked into the El Paso area a bit and it seems like a pretty large city with several hospitals, including a VA- I had the fortune of spending time at the Baltimore VA earlier in my internship- see here and here. Also, with it’s extremely close proximity to Mexico (Ciudad Juarez just over a fence) there is a large Mexican/Hispanic population as well. I better start recalling my three years of high school Spanish…or maybe ask for Rosetta Stone for graduation!  I am excited to see what the future holds.