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It’s weird to think I only have a few rotations left in the remaining 3 months, mainly in foodservice.  But right now…it’s officially CRUNCHTIME!!!

It seemed as though I was comfortably going through the first few months of the internship without a ton of outside work.  Not going to lie- I thought the entire year would be this busy, so the fact that its busy getting close to the end is OK by me (I don’t mean to whine!) However for the past few weeks I have been very busy working on several homework assignments for my pediatric rotation, a nutrition education research paper for FSNE, an American Dietetic Association FNCE abstract, a Maryland Dietetic Association Annual Meeting abstract, portfolio milestones, my pediatric case study, preparations for another week at FSNE, answering emails from current students applying to the internship, and occasionally scouting for jobs in El Paso (my next destination in July).  I’m managing it all ok, but it feels like I have so many things going on in regards to the internship alone, plus a ton of big changes in my personal life…

My wedding photo

While this is all going on, I (somehow) managed to squeeze in time to get married earlier this month! Once I find any spare time to do the necessary steps, my name will officially be Christina Sielbeck Vimini. The timing wasn’t exactly ideal in the busiest part of the internship, but you gotta do what you gotta do 🙂 In fact, I even had a preceptor who said she had a baby during her internship!

Excited for tomorrow’s class day on job searching and resume building.  Now…back to working on my case study featuring the Ketogenic Diet for management of epilepsy.


Community Experience: Moveable Feast

Moveable FeastJust finished up 2 weeks with Moveable Feast, and let me tell you: I learned a lot more than just about community nutrition!  This non-profit organization (funded by grants) cooks, packages, and delivers food to people in Maryland with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and in certain cases, blood cancers.  Not only that, but there are three registered dietitians on staff to provide nutrition assessments, home visits, phone counseling, and educations to the clients.  The dietitians on staff were so passionate about their jobs- it was really inspiring.

Packing moveable feast meals

Packing meals for Moveable Feast clients

I was able to participate in duties normally done by the RDs such as risk screens, counseling, etc.  Plus I taught volunteers about food safety, designed handouts/seminar materials, and even helped pack a few meals!  Some parts of this dietetic internship rotation definitely took me out of my comfort zone, however.  I was going into areas of Baltimore City I might not normally find myself in, and counseling clients in their homes is A LOT different from counseling them in a hospital or clinic.  But with patient preceptors and friendly, grateful, inspiring clients,  the experience was one that I will never forget.  I’m so glad I could be a part of Moveable Feast and help out members of the community!

If you live near Baltimore, learn about participating restaurants that will donate part of the check to Moveable Feast on Sept 22, 2011.  And if you enjoy cycling, definitely check this out!