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Basic template- I still have a lot of work to do!

Today we had technology training at the National Agriculture Library in Beltsville, MD.  We learned about copyright issues with online images, databases, making surveys and polls, and we also got time to work on our websites.  Creating surveys was pretty cool- we explored a few different ways like Survey Monkey, Survey Share, Polldaddy, and Googledocs.  I practiced making my own survey on Googledocs- you can check it out, but I won’t be needing any data so you don’t have to fill it out!  I also made a lot of progress on my website, since I’ve been so busy with clinical I haven’t had much time.  We learned more about photo editing and embedding, and I finally figured out how to make a template (although it’s quite possibly the simplest template ever!) I’ll post the link once it looks presentable…which it probably won’t be for a while haha.

Back to the hospital tomorrow morning!


And So it Begins…

First Day

Another intern and I on our first day.

Today marked the completion of my first week as a dietetic intern!  After four years of grueling coursework, a lengthy application process, and a very anxious match day, I was ecstatic to be matched with the University of Maryland College Park Dietetic Internship.  Throughout the summer I had been working on assignments to prepare for this 10.5 month program with an emphasis in information technology and communication, and I’m excited to begin!

The first few days were comprised mainly of orientation and entry procedures.  The 10 of us got to know each other pretty quickly as we learned about what we would be doing at our various rotations.  In the first few days, we traveled to Baltimore’s Harbor Hospital, the University of Maryland campus, Riderwood Village in Silver Spring, and the National Agriculture Library (NAL).

The Registered Dietitians that work at NAL taught us about using websites and social media to share nutrition information with the public.  They covered topics such as maintaining a positive presence on the internet, using twitter, and creating Web sites.  As interns, we are even responsible for submitting tweets and blog entries for the program!  Because of my strong interest in using communication via the internet in my future as a dietitian, I found these lessons to be especially useful.  I am eager to begin building my own electronic portfolio that will showcase my work during the internship.

One week down, and so far so good! TGIF!