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Critically Progressive

It is my last week in clinical!  I cannot believe it.  Next week we have two class days and are off for 3 days for Thanksgiving.  Then I will start my other various dietetic internship rotations, which are in MUCH quicker succession.  Hopefully my blog will get a lot more interesting 🙂

Calculator for tube feeds

Glued to my calculator figuring out tube feeding orders.

Staff relief has been wonderful.  It’s been my favorite part of the internship so far- I’m basically a dietitian at the hospital.  The independence is great!  Last week I was mostly covering the critical care unit as well as a few med/surg patients.  I ended up doing so many tube feedings that I’ve become really comfortable with ordering them.  This week, however, my preceptor has put me on a different floor; I saw oncology and progressive care patients (with many different diagnoses).  The variety is refreshing…as well as the ability to actually speak to my patients, which is my favorite part!


Photo Evidence!

For the UMD College Park dietetic internship, we are encouraged to take photos on our various rotations and use them on the internship blog, facebook, and our websites that we are making.  Well, I finally got around to uploading some pictures from my camera and I remembered that I took a photo from when I was at the VA.  Here is a picture of me with a few of the dietitians I had the pleasure of working with! (I am second to the left)VA Dietitians

Staff “Relief”?

It’s down to the final two weeks of my dietetic internship clinical rotation: staff relief.  This is when I return to my original hospital that I spent 8 weeks at to perform as a fully-functioning dietitian.  After spending two amazing weeks at the VA, returning to my old hospital and trying to get back into how they do things was a little stressful at first.  For example, at the VA dietitians recommended tube feeding orders that the doctors could order, by describing it in notes that they submitted to the chart.  At the hospital I am at now, the dietitians actually put in the order themselves.  Since it is computerized, it took me a while to remember all the various steps of submitting the tube feeding formula, initiation, rate, additional instructions, attaching physicians, and electronically signing.  Luckily I picked it Continue reading

Environment is Everything

The VA hosts many medical students, interns, and residents.  Because of this educational environment, this site is little different than other non-teaching hospitals.  Being a medical student is surely overwhelming at times; in the hospital environment there is so much pressure to know everything about everything.  These students/interns/residents as a result are very open to suggestions from other medical concentrations, such as nursing staff or dietitians.  I have observed a few instances where Continue reading

Week 1 at the VA

View of Baltimore

At a red light going into the city, with a view of the Baltimore Ravens Stadium.

Last week I had the chance to visit the Baltimore VA (Veterans Affairs) Medical Center. I get to experience more of it this week before I return to do my staff relief at my original hospital starting next Monday.

Going into the middle of the city was a little intimidating. Although I have lived most of my life in Maryland, Baltimore is not a place that I am very familiar with. Plus I HATE driving through cities (DC is terrifying and I vow to never drive in NYC). However, armed with my mom’s GPS, a labcoat, and an open mind, Continue reading

“Nutrition: Helping, not Hurting”

The UMD Dietetic Internship actually has it’s own blog…I recently wrote an entry for it called “Nutrition: Helping, not Hurting“.  Enjoy 🙂