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Fast Forward 6 years

Apart from the occasional emails I’d get about this blog I must admit I largely forgot about it over the last few years. I never took it down because I still get a lot of hits on my post about studying for the RD exam, although I took it so long ago I’m not sure how helpful it still is.

Since working in the clinical area in El Paso, Texas, I had a brief stint in Oklahoma and have lived in Hawaii for the past 3 years. (I LOVE IT HERE SO MUCH.) I enjoyed working as a clinical dietitian before, but it was until I fell into an outpatient position that I truly felt I found my calling.

Initially, I found a job working as a call-in/relief dietitian for a few inpatient facilities on Oahu. It was great – I only worked a few days a week and went hiking and surfing the other days, but it was hard to feel like a true part of the team when you work inconsistently. Then about 2 years ago, there was an opening for the full time RD position at the hospitals outpatient diabetes center that I was going to help fill in for until they hired someone…and I ended up staying there!

Outpatient counseling has been such a rewarding experience. I have grown, professionally, SO much, and have completely fallen in love with diabetes education and all my wonderful patients. (I should write a post on that.) I recently obtained my CDE Certified Diabetes Educator credential. (Also a post for a different day – I remember desperately searching for info on how to study for the CDE exam!)

Personally, I also have become completely obsessed with yoga and went mostly plant-based – poultry, beef, and pork free, gradually reducing fish, eggs, and dairy. (Another post idea…) I live with my amazing husband and our little dog, Ziggy. If you follow me on Twitter you can see how much I love being active outside here in paradise!

Anywho, a couple of my patients commented that they googled my name and read up on my blog, which had become kind of ancient and outdated, so I figured it was worth a little update. Perhaps I will start writing more regularly in 2018…stay tuned!





RD? Check. Job? Check. What Now?

For the past nine months or so I have been enjoying my job as a clinical dietitian.  Although initially I felt pretty green as a new dietitian, my patients and coworkers have taught me so much!  I’m enjoying the work and feeling confident in what I do each day as I complete my assessments, respond to consults, and sign orders as an RD, LD.

Maybe it’s just because I’m straight out of school, but part of me feels a little restless.  I’m used to doing a million things at once in college or in my internship.  Having a predictable, steady job was my goal, and I am very happy. But as silly as this seems, I sort of feel like everything I’ve worked for has led up to this point, and now I need to set new goals for myself.

Admittedly, I’ve been keeping pretty busy with my involvement in the outpatient cardiac rehab at the medical center where I work.  In addition to my inpatient duties, I provide one-on-one nutritional counseling and will start teaching classes next month.  Also (thanks to web presence!) I have been doing some freelance writing.  Most recently I was contacted by an editor at Military.com‘s SpouseBuzz Blog for a guest entry.  I was really excited to contribute to a blog that reaches out to fellow military spouses!  My post was on healthy eating while your spouse is deployed –  read it here.

So what’s the next step?  Well…

bachelor's degree graduation

Currently contemplating: Am I ready to upgrade my Bachelors degree to an MS or MPH?

…I have started browsing through online graduate schools.  Honestly, I’m not sure what kind of program I want, such as a Masters in Public Health (MPH) versus a Masters in Science (MS).  Then, do I take the thesis option or the paper/coursework option?  Researching all the options has been, at times,  overwhelming.  I know I will need a 100% online graduate program, however, because my husband serves in the Army and we are required to move around.

But then I think…do I really want to take classes?  I mean really, it’s only been a year since I finished my internship.  Plus that means I’d have to study, take exams, write papers, and pay a LOT of money.  Is now the right time to do so?  We haven’t had any kids yet so that’s ideal, and the more I put it off the less likely I’ll be to actually do it.  However my husband’s job is making for big changes so maybe now isn’t the best time.  Is there a best time?  My internal debate rages on…

Has anyone out there completed online degrees in nutrition that would like to share their experience?  I’d love to hear your feedback about the program you chose and how it fit into your life!