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Dietetic Internship Graduation

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It’s official: I have graduated from my internship!  I apologize that it’s taken some time to update my blog, but I have good reason for the delay!  Right after graduation I had to tie up a bunch of loose ends, pack up all my possessions, and drive across the country from Annapolis, MD to El Paso, TX.

Now that I am getting all settled in my new home, I am prepping for potential interviews and beginning to study for the RD exam.  Any advice from RDs who recently took the exam is much appreciated!

All in all this internship was a great experience to enhance me personally and professionally.  It exposed me to all different areas in dietetics.  Although my short term goals might be more traditional (most likely a clinical inpatient or outpatient position), I plan to use my IT skills gained in my internship to maintain a website and social media platforms.  Some of my long term goals include going back to school, community work, writing, and ideally some involvement in policy and legislation.  Without the exposure from this particular internship, I am not sure I would be aware of all of my options!

Thank you for following my blog- although the internship is over, I will continue to provide updates until I am finally a Registered Dietitian!


Drumroll Please…

This last week of my dietetic internship is an elective rotation, where we can re-visit a rotation we enjoyed or create a new one based on our personal interests.  Since I enjoyed clinical so much, I decided to go back to the hospital.

A clinical position would be a great first job, so I wanted a bit of a refresher from last fall when I did my rotation (sidenote: wow did time fly!).  Luckily I picked it right back up; tube feeding orders were a breeze and educations were even easier now than at the beginning of the year, based on all my community experience I’ve obtained since then.  I am ready!

And…drumroll please….tomorrow is the big day… GRADUATION!!!!

Check out my website for a summary of all I’ve accomplished!