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Hello readers- thought I’d share my website that is in development with you! It’s a little amateur premature (as in, not nearly finished) but I thought I’d keep you all in the loop so you can see the different changes I make. And of course, if you have any feedback, that would be much appreciated ūüôā

I am using Dreamweaver to make the website completely from scratch, including the development of my very own template. Also, it is the first time I am attempting such a thing. That said, it’s not super-fancy, but I’m amazed that I was able to get this far. Who knew I would learn web-design as a dietitian?

So far I have pages that include graphics, PDF attachments, and information on my rotations thus far.

Here it is –>¬†http://terpconnect.umd.edu/~csielb

**Props to my wonderful sister, Kim Sielbeck, for helping design the graphics. If you can’t tell, she also made my blog header!




Basic template- I still have a lot of work to do!

Today we had technology training at the National Agriculture Library in Beltsville, MD. ¬†We learned about copyright issues with online images, databases, making surveys and polls, and we also got time to work on our websites. ¬†Creating surveys was pretty cool- we explored a few different ways like Survey Monkey, Survey Share, Polldaddy, and Googledocs. ¬†I practiced making my own survey on Googledocs- you can check it out, but I won’t be needing any data so you don’t have to fill it out! ¬†I also¬†made a lot of progress on my website, since I’ve been so busy with clinical I haven’t had much time. ¬†We learned more about photo editing and embedding, and I finally figured out how to make a template (although it’s quite possibly the simplest template ever!) I’ll post the link once it looks presentable…which it probably won’t be for a while haha.

Back to the hospital tomorrow morning!

Not Your Average Internship

Match for Internship

The Greatest Relief EVER!

For those of you not in the field of nutrition, you may be wondering why I am blogging about a silly little internship.  So I can share stories of getting coffee for the boss? Doing menial tasks to assist the real workers? Silently suffering at the bottom of the ladder in the hope of one day being hired?

While I’m sure that would be a thrilling blog to read, this is NOT that kind of internship. ¬†Instead, I like to think of it as nursing school, but for dietitians. ¬†A college degree is required, and completion of an internship is necessary to obtain the coveted “RD” (Registered Dietitian) credentials behind my name so I can get a job. ¬†It’s sort of a graduate program that you pay for, but you don’t earn graduate credit. ¬†Basically, I am in career limbo.

My dietetic internship has a ton of different rotations and sites that I will be blogging about. ¬†For example, I’ll be working at a local hospital¬†for my clinical rotation, Riderwood Village and UMD Dining Services for my foodservice rotations, Food & Friends and School Lunch for my community rotations, and IFIC (International Food Information Center) and CNPP (Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion) for my information technology rotations. ¬†My internship director explained this process as “A 10.5 month job interview.” All the rotations will definitely help me pinpoint where I would like to go in my career, and who knows, maybe a job will come out of it as well!

Getting here wasn’t necessarily simple. ¬†For each internship I applied to, I had to write a slightly different essay, fill out lengthy forms, and solicit three letters of recommendation from my work supervisors and professors. ¬†The various internships I applied to had different requirements and different due dates; this caused me many afternoons of stressing out at the post office, triple-checking to make sure I had everything in order for an overnight, traceable delivery (I couldn’t risk my applications getting lost in the mail!)

After that, there was a long period of waiting: first for an invitation for an interview, and eventually for match day. ¬†Match day was the day that we found out 1) If we got an internship 2) which one we got. ¬†No, we weren’t offered admission from different programs and then got to choose; instead, we had to rank the internships, they ranked us, and we were matched by a computer system. ¬†Sound stressful? It was. ¬†Of course, the <50% acceptance rate to dietetic internships didn’t help with the anxiety.

Fortunately, on that fateful day, I was matched to the UMD internship, and here I am!  I loved the variety of rotations within the program and its focus on nutrition communications and information technology.  I could not be more excited to get started!  First up: clinical rotations!